Weld County Child Care

Whether as a parent or provider, we know you want the very best for the children you care for. From their health and safety to their growth and development, the choices you make for them today have an impact on their success later in life. If you need a child care provider, are a current provider or would like to become a child care provider, we are dedicated to giving you the best resources possible to help ensure your success, as well as the success of our future generation.

Weld Child Care Matters

Being a child care provider has opened many personal and professional opportunities for me. I love being part of my community by providing a safe and homey environment for children. As a parent, I know how difficult it is to find safe and affordable child care. By accepting CCCAP children, I am able to help parents and children in my community by providing good, quality care for them. -Angie Maddox, Licensed Home Provider

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