Summer Reading Adventure

Published on May 24, 2024

An illustration of children skating and biking across an open book's pages

High Plains Library District Presents 2024 Summer Reading Adventure

Visit the My Library website for more information and to register! 

Here's how it works:

1. Sign Up

Sign up online or register at your library starting on May 20th.

2. Log

Get your log when you sign up in the library or print a log here starting May 20th

3. Read

When you read, you can check off, color in, or track your reading using the square spaces on your log.
How much reading for each space? Depends how old you are!
Age 0-4: Read 5 minutes
Age 5-8: Read 10 minutes
Age 9+: Read 20 minutes

4. Do Fun Stuff

There are activities on your log! Finish one, then write the finished activity’s number in a box on your log!

5. Prizes

Each square is one point, whether you do an activity or read. 

15 points = Prize #1
30 points = Prize #2
45 points = Prize #3, and you finished!

Prizes will be ready starting May 26th, and they’ll be gone August 11th.