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Success Stories

Williams Family Child Care Success Story

A letter of thanks from Tawnya Williams to Weld Child Care

Williams Family Child Care Thank You Dear Weld Child Care,   

I want to thank all of those involved with my capital improvement project approvals. I cannot begin to explain how grateful and appreciative I am to have been given this opportunity to improve my child care program’s physical environment.

The ductless mini split heating and cooling system has kept the indoor temperature at a perfect 70 degrees without struggle. It’s super quiet and energy efficient. I couldn’t have asked for a better system! And what a transformation the new floors made, and just in time. The new hard floors improved the rooms' appearance and have made cleaning a breeze. No more dirty carpet harboring germs!

I, Tawnya Williams, and all of the families enrolled at Williams’ Family Child Care, want to thank you all for awarding us the project funding! 

Thank you,

Step By Step Child Care Development Center's Success Story

Weld Child Care helps provider survive through COVID-19

The Challenge

Step by Step Child Care Development Center has been in business for over 23 years and has survived through at least one recession and many changes to the field of child care. But nothing has been quite as uncertain and scary as the COVID-19 pandemic. As the city and state started to close down, parents came in daily to let the center know they had been laid off due to their employer downsizing or closing. Panic set in for families and the center as the uncertainty of the effect the pandemic could have on the community increased. Will the center survive the crisis and be able to remain open? What will happen to their families and will they be able to return? Before the pandemic, the center had a six-month waiting list and was consistently hiring staff. After the pandemic’s start, the center was running at less than 50% capacity and was challenged with balancing the employment of extra staff.

The Solution

Step by Step has always believed in their program's philosophy that all families and children need and deserve quality care, regardless of risk factors. For this reason, they have always been a program that accepts Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) and maintains a positive partnership with all counties they contract with, which includes Weld County Child Care. The Weld County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approved temporarily increasing paid absences to 14 days a month for all licensed providers and the 100% waiver of parent fees for April and May 2020. Step by Step serves Weld County by providing care for South County residents, Foster and Kinship Care kiddos.

The Outcome

The support Step by Step has received during the uncertain times of COVID-19 has made the difference between the center closing and remaining open and maintaining staff. Step by Step continues a healthy and quality environment for all families that need continued care. The center appreciates Weld Child Care’s willingness to be supportive and help through these difficult times.

Sifa's Success Story

Sifa began her journey as a REACH provider (Qualified Exempt) caring for three children in her home for friends. Eventually, she expressed her desire to become licensed. Through the supports provided by the Weld Child Care team, Sifa was able to gain access to quality improvement supplies, professional development and all the resources she needed to become a high quality, licensed, CCCAP provider for our community. Using relationships already built with the Immigrant and Refugee Center (IRC), Sifa was able to receive translation services for many of her required classes.

She is a huge asset to our community, speaking over five languages, especially as she is able to serve many children in their native languages. Learning and growing with Sifa has been so rewarding for all involved and we look forward to watching her continue to blossom as a child care provider!

Girl shouting into bullhorn

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