Are you interested in becoming a child care provider?

A lady interacting with playing children

There's a need in Weld County for child care providers, and that means there's a big opportunity for you!

Is working with children your calling? Do you like to help parents of young children? Are you ready to make a commitment to provide the high-quality child care that is critical to a child's growth and development? If you answered yes, then Weld County's children and families need you!

There are several types of child care providers to choose from with different requirements and options. Whether you choose to become a licensed child care provider or simply want resources to assist you with providing a safe, nurturing and quality environment, we can help. Taking care of children will provide you with the opportunity to have a positive impact on the health and development of children and help them to become caring, responsible and successful adults. You will also offer parents the security of knowing their children are in good hands while enabling them to pursue work or school to become better providers for their family. 

We provide training, technical assistance and ongoing support to people who are interested in becoming a child care provider. Contact us today to begin your journey into this very rewarding career. We look forward to working with you!