Seedlings Parenting Workshop

Published on March 19, 2024

Mother and child hugging and smiling

Presented by North Range Behavioral Health

Seedlings prepares caregivers and babies for a lifetime of learning.

In this group, caregivers will learn how the brain grows in the first few years of life and how parenting strategies can support healthy development. Specific topics include:

  • Child mental health and brain development
  • Literacy
  • Resilience
  • Social-emotional health
  • Self-care strategies

In addition to time to connect with other caregivers, attendees will receive a selfcare gift to practice at home each week to support their own well-being.

Who: Caregivers of children (newborns to 4 years old)
Where: Littler Prevention Campus (2350 3rd Street Road in Greeley)
When: Fridays starting April 19. Call (970) 381-1647 for the time or to register.

Call Jaclyn Hickey at (970) 381-1647 to register. Registration required.

Child care and light snacks will be provided at no cost. Attendees do not need to be a client of North Range Behavioral Health to participate. No referral needed.

Flyer featuring information in body text. A mother and child are hugging and smiling in the background. The text and backgrounds are white and blue.